Raise Capital

Our Process & Timeline

We are particularly excited to begin our funding process with Africa-focused companies that fall within our sectors of interest, are at the right stage, and target a compelling product and market opportunity.

This can occur via multiple ways:

  1. Contact via our website
  2. Introduction from our network of relationships
  3. Co-investment from one of our many VC/angel partners
  4. Demo days of different incubator and accelerator programs
  5. Internal research resulting in us contacting you
  6. Exploring what entrepreneurs are planning next and casually advising them

We do this via a series of discussions. If it is a sector we know well (like those listed above) the discussions can be quick. If yours is a sector that is emerging or new to us, we look to learn more.

We decide quickly as our team is small. Additionally, we like to lead rounds in early stage deals as we believe in operationally assisting entrepreneurs with growth and market expansion, and preparing them for the road ahead via governance, strategy, partnerships and follow-on financing preparation.

We currently invest $100,000-$500,000. This typically occurs within two weeks of our decision to invest.

Total expected time from Identification to Decision: 2 weeks – 3 months

We like meeting startup teams early to get to know them prior to their decision to raise capital. Once we understand the team, the opportunity, typically, is easier to evaluate, leading to faster decisions

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