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With visionary founders, we are building products that bring us closer to a future that thrives on technology and science.

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Supporting Africa's leading tech entrepreneurs

Beta.Ventures is a New York and Lagos based venture capital firm helping ambitious entrepreneurs build innovative products and services, with a focus on rapid revenue and profit growth. We are unique in our ability to help companies grow organically in Africa, while also scaling globally.

We work closely with talented founders and teams from product idea to product launch through to the next stage of company development with a goal to maximize success and minimize risk.

Our partners, affiliates and mentors lead top technology companies locally and internationally and we encourage you to partner with us to take advantage of our experience building great products/services, negotiating partnerships and deals, leading teams, and raising money. 

With us, you will avoid mistakes we, and others, have made.  

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We are looking for talented tech entrepreneurs who are building innovative products and services to solve realtime problems.


Play a Part in Africa's Development Story

Beta.Vestors is a subsidiary of Beta.Ventures leveraging digital tokens to make investment opportunities easier and more accessible to its community.

Our decentralised initiative, which is run on Discord, allows you to play a part in Africa's tech-driven development by owning fractions of innovating tech-based companies in Africa while growing your investment portfolios and enjoying returns.


Innovative companies run by visionary leaders

Beta.Ventures is proud to be a part of these amazing stories.


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